Twist Teas

In 2017, Claire Ayres and the Twist family felt a little underwhelmed by the speciality teas already on the market. They shared the belief that there’s nothing like a cup of tea to lift the spirits and raise a smile.

So, they decided to create something innovative for lovers of tea and set about creating a range of the finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits, blended to delight your taste buds and make you smile. 

An additional ingredient or an unconventional flavour pairing that transforms something nice into something spectacular creates the “twist”. They refer to them as Blends With Benefits.

The Ethics Behind Twist Teas

Most, but not all, the tea comes from India, China, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. It can even be grown in the UK, but the conditions are far from ideal and the unreliable weather makes it hard and unreliable.

The team is all about taste and quality. They do their best to find organic tea that’s up to scratch, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

They would rather create a great tasting tea that’s not organic than a poor tasting tea that is.

They have also learned that the best quality teas aren’t necessarily Fairtrade, and while Twist Teas fully supports the concept of fair trade, they don’t think that only tea traded under the Fairtrade banner is traded fairly.

Their blenders pay a premium price for the teas they sell, which comes from sustainable, quality tea estates. sourced from quality estates which have a sustainable business model.

They’ve personally visited nearly 150 such estates around the world, and every batch can be traced back to source.

All of the teas made from Twist Teas are made from whole leaves, rather than the dusty, powdery stuff normally found in teabags.

As the leaves are bigger, they need more space to circulate to release the full flavour, hence the pyramid bags. Give them a go – once you’ve tried them, you’ll want to Twist again!


To learn more about Twist Teas, be sure and visit their website. You can also follow along with them on Facebook to keep up with all the new blends they will be creating over the year.

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