Tea People – June Featured Tea Specialist

In 2009, husband and wife team, Neeraj and Vishaka Argawal saw an urgent need in their hometown of Darjeeling in India.

The city was in need of some major assistance and repairs. They both believed in helping others and bringing an end to the poverty in the area.

A lot of their success came from learning about and educating themselves as well as providing equal opportunities for all, they put their heads together and raised the funds to start a school to help do what needed to be done.

But — that alone was not enough to do what really needed to be done.

Dreaming Together

The two were dreamers and both had crazy ideas and things they wanted to accomplish for the company and to help these people who were so near and dear to their hearts.

They started having “pyjama party” – meetings where they discussed all of their world-changing ideas on a much bigger scale.

At one of those meetings, they had their first light bulb moment where the aroma of their Darjeeling tea inspired them to form a social enterprise that would use tea as the medium for bringing about a positive social change.

Their idea was to bring the taste of a wide variety of fine, speciality and flavoured teas to the tea lovers of the world and give them a chance to change the lives of the poor children and empower communities living in and around the tea growing areas.

This is how Tea People was born!

They set Tea People up as a social enterprise and have committed to putting aside at least 50% of the net profits towards all of the social causes that are near and dear to their heart.

What You Will Find Inside at Tea People

Tea People is now home to an expanding range of a wide variety of tea catering to the different tea needs of all kinds of ‘tea people’ out there. 

Not only do they offer their teas online, but you can have them locally in your store, such as the ones found in TJ Maxx.

Their teas range from the finest premium single estate teas to a wide variety of their very own unique blends, flavours and herbal infusions.

They cater to the needs of all tea lovers as well as businesses including hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.

One of the unique tea offerings that they are known for is ‘BESPOKE TEAS’, a service that allows the customers to create their own tea experience which could range from a new blend to customized labelling and packaging.

They offer teas in both loose leaf form as well as specially designed biodegradable pyramid tea bags.


To learn more about Tea People, be sure and visit their website. You can also follow along with them on Facebook to keep up with all the new blends they will be creating over the year.

To see which teas we are featuring this month from Tea People, be sure and visit this post.


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