Speciality Teas In May 2019

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Blue Tea Box finally launched in May 2019 and we were so excited about our first batch of speciality tea. Below you will find all the teas offered for the very first month as well as each tea brewer.

We cannot wait for you to try our latest tea. Be sure and let us know what you think as well. We always love to hear our customer’s feedback.

Black Teas

Dutchess Earl Grey

Dried lemon peels and orange pieces add a citrus twist to the traditional
Earl Grey Tea making it a fantastic alternative to savour and enjoy. High-quality tea is used providing a wonderful piquant flavour that when
combined with a quality bergamot oil and citrus flavours, it has a full bodied finish.

Flavour Notes: This bright and coppery looking tea has that distinctive
earl gray taste which is accented with lemon and smells of
bergamot with citrus notes.

Origin: Sri Lanka, China, Spain, Italy

Supplier: Jenier World of Teas

Teahouse Breakfast Tea

The tranquil charm of the soft rolling hills of the Arakan Yoma range on the
eastern horizon adds to the beauty of Cherideo Purbat Tea Estate. In the
heart of the ancient capital city of Ahom Dynasty the garden is nourished
by streams that quietly meander through the expanse, enriching the soil
and the tea bushes that produce the strong, full-bodied teas.

Flavour Notes:This Breakfast tea is made from large and broken leaves
produced on the ”Cherideo Purbat” tea estate. The blend
gives a full-bodied infusion with a creamy, malty and very comforting taste.

Origin: Cherideo Purbat, India

Supplier: Tea House Emporium

Twenty Four Seven

This is a blend of the finest Indian Assam and Kenyan black teas. The
whole leaves have been carefully cut to produce a strong tea in just two minutes.

Flavour Notes: A blend of the finest leaves carefully cut to produce a
strong brew in minutes.

Origin: India and Kenya

Supplier: Twist Teas

Connoisseu Teas

Body Boost

Feeling good never tasted better! A superb blend of Oolong, White Tea,
Yerba Mate and Lemon pieces provide a cup of tea with some oomph!
Both teas and the Yerba Mate are associated with a healthy lifestyle,
improving metabolism and overall feel-good factors.

Flavour Notes: A very pleasant lemon character provides easy drinking
and no doubt requests for more of this excellent tea!

Origin: China, Brazil, Egypt, Poland, France

Supplier: Jenier World of Teas

Milk Oolong

A top quality oolong from the spring harvest in Anxi Province, China.
Before withering, the tea leaves are scented with milk using a special method.

Flavour Notes: The infusion of this delicious tea is light and sweet with a milky aroma.

Origin: Anxi Province, China

Supplier: Tea House Emporium

Pu Erh Sweet Chai

Pu erh is unique in many ways. It’s an aged tea that is teeming in microbes
gained during its manufacturing process – think yogurt and you will get the idea. Chinese medicine has long revered the healing powers of this
tea. Pu erh aids weight loss, boosts the immune system and has a
cleansing and detoxing effect due to the high amount of antioxidants.

Flavour Notes:Pu erh sweet chai offers all the usual health benefits you
would get from a regular Pu-Erh but with a sweet, spicy flavour.

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Supplier: Tea House Emporium

Fruit Teas

Malibu Dream

A truly, dreamy fruit tea with an exceptional tropical taste highlighted by
the addition of coconut. Malibu Dream certainly lives up to its name and
we would not think it strange if after one sip, you might just find yourself
singing the ‘Pina Colada’ song…..we did and we got caught in the rain too!!

Flavour Notes: This blend of dried fruit and herbs has a real ‘wow’ aroma
and tastes of tropical fruits accented with coconut finish.

Origin: Canada, USA, Thailand, Spain

Supplier: Jenier World of Teas

Granny’s Garden

With no added sugar this caffeine-free blend can be enjoyed at any time of the day and by all ages!

Flavour Notes: This fruit tea is a blend of red berries and hibiscus. The
infusion is deep red and has a lovely natural red berry flavour.

Origin: Blended in Bath

Supplier: Tea House Emporium

Ginger Snap

This wonderfully warming Pud Without Sin is a well-balanced blend of
ginger root and cinnamon, with a hint of sweet liquorice. Naturally
caffeine-free with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, this makes a perfect after-dinner drink.

Flavour Notes: A perfectly balanced blend of fiery ginger root and cinnamon.

Origin: Blended in Harpenden

Supplier: Twist Teas

Green Teas

Kaika Cherry Sencha

Made only from Sencha harvested during the early spring when the quality
of the leaf is at its best, this Kaika Cherry Sencha is a delightful combination of high-quality Sencha green tea, rose petals and natural cherry flavour. A smooth tea with refreshing subtle flavours you can enjoy any time of day.

Flavour Notes: This green tea has a subtle smell of roses and has a fresh,
smooth and fruity taste to it.

Origin: Hunan Province, China

Supplier: Jenier World of Teas

Organic China Special Gunpowder

A high quality, organically grown Chinese green tea that has been rolled
into little pearls reminiscent of gunpowder. It is distinctive for its very fine scent and delicious taste. This is a great everyday green tea for someone who likes a slightly stronger flavour.

Flavour Notes: Green tea is known for being high in antioxidants and
lower in caffeine than its black tea counterpart. This
organically grown type of tea can help aid weight loss and
improve general health.

Origin: China

Supplier: Tea House Emporium

Refresher Green

This sencha whole leaf green tea has none of the bitter aftertaste caused by smaller cut leaves.

Flavour Notes: A light and refreshing blend packed with functional herbs
for a natural lift and no bitter aftertaste.

Origin: China

Supplier: Twist Teas

Detox and Herbal Teas

Altogether Herbal Rooibos

Simply looking at Altogether Herbal Rooibos Tea will show the expanse of
the taste you’ll experience in each cup. Premium grade rooibos tea provides the sweet, depth of flavour while Lemon Verbena, fresh Peppermint, Fennel and Liquorice ensure a lively herbal ensemble. 

Flavour Notes: This top quality rooibos tea is very full flavoured and delicate has notes of anise. It also has an aroma of herbal notes with mint highlights.

Origin: Cederberg, South Africa

Supplier: Jenier World of Teas

Herbal Detox Tisane

This Detox herbal tea is a loose leaf blend of rooibos and herbs high in
antioxidants. A great caffeine-free tisane to help aid digestion and help improve general health.

Flavour Notes: Herbs such as mint, ginger, fennel flavor, and licorice root are all known for helping to aid digestion. Rooibos and chamomile are
known for having a calming effect and sage is known for having.

Origin: Blended in Bath

Supplier: Tea House Emporium

After Eat

The Twist – Maybe caffeine-heavy coffee and sugary after dinner mints
won’t help your food go down. Do yourself a favour with this healthy, delicious blend instead.

Flavour Notes: Fancy a peppermint tea with a little something extra? This
blend has added cocoa to give it – and you – a lift.

Supplier: Twist Teas

Origin: Blended in Harpenden

For more delicious teas like these, be sure and grab a Blue Tea Subscription Box. You won’t be disappointed!


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