Speciality Teas In June 2020

In June 2020 our Blue Tea Box featured some amazing speciality teas that we sourced from some great suppliers. 

Below you will find all the teas offered and each tea brewer.

We cannot wait for you to try this months tea. Be sure and let us know what you think as well. We always love to hear our customer’s feedback.

Black Teas

Builder’s Cup

A seriously interesting yet delightful cup of “Builder’s Tea” in loose leaf quality – robust and characterful.

Flavour Notes: Full-bodied, deep Assam

Origin: India

Queen’s Tea

A typically flowery Darjeeling beautifully blended according to an original royal recipe with a fruity and fresh Ceylon

Flavour Notes: Flowery and aromatic

Origin: China

Irish Malt

A delicious black tea with whisky and cocoa flavours. The extravagant flavour of Irish whisky with a hint of cocoa blended with an intensely malty Assam tea

Flavour Notes: Delicious whisky and cocoa flavours

Origin: India

Green Teas

Morning Dew

Green tea meets mango-citrus flavours creating this blend. A fascinating composition with large leaf sencha, delicately fruity aromas and petals makes it for an unforgettable experience

Flavour Notes: Mango-citrus with delicately fruity aroma

Origin: China

Green Oasis

Delicate but tangy gunpowder with its typical small pellet-size leaves rolled into balls together with the freshness of spearmint – a truly refreshing drink

Flavour Notes: Tangy with the freshness of spearmint

Origin: China

Green Keemun Congou

Rediscovered rare tea exclusive to the southern province of Anhui with a beautifully balanced, rounded, aromatic flavour. “Congou” translates to mean “skillful” after the amount of work that goes into the production of the tea

Flavour Notes: Balanced, rounded and aromatic

Origin: China

Connoisseur Teas

Rooibos Orange Cream

Full-bodied South African Rooibos is combined with creamy and delicate vanilla and the peel of ripe oranges to create this relaxing herbal infusion

Flavour Notes: Orange meets vanilla

Origin: South Africa

Herbal Teas

Ginger and Herbs

A delicious warming herbal infusion of root ginger & herbs. Delicious loose ginger tea with a hint of lemongrass and liquorice, ginger, and herbs is warming and cleansing. Enjoy livening up your liver by wheeling yourself out for a walk and having a cup or two of this infusion when you get back

Flavour Notes: Ginger with a hint of lemongrass and liquorice

Origin: Carefully prepared in Somerset

Camomile Blossoms

A mild herbal infusion made from whole camomile blossoms. This drink is naturally caffeine-free and is appreciated for its soothing and calming properties

Flavour Notes: Typical tart-flowery character and taste

Origin: Carefully prepared in Somerset

Fruit Teas


Rhubarb was never as good as this, creamy, sweet, and delicious. This Rhubarb-Cream Fruit Infusion is enhanced with pieces of rhubarb – fresh and bright just like a lovely summer’s day. Perfect hot or cold over ice

Flavour Notes: Bold and tartly sweet with rounded floral notes

Origin: Carefully prepared in Somerset

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