Speciality Teas In August 2020

Always different we fill your Blue Tea Box with some amazing speciality teas that we have sourced from some great suppliers. 

Below you will find all the teas offered during August as well as each tea brewer.

We cannot wait for you to try our latest. Be sure and let us know what you think as well. We always love to hear our customer’s feedback.

Black Teas

English Breakfast

A perfect breakfast tea that really will brighten your morning.

Flavour Notes: Medium bodied with ‘get up and go’ flavour that is especially enticing with a dash of milk.

Origin: Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Uva (Sri Lanka) Nandi, Kericho (Kenya) Nilgiri (India)

Supplier: Freebird Artisan Souls

Lapsang Souchong

A famous tea for the smoky aroma and flavour, Lapsang Souchong is a classic black tea from the Fujian province of China.

Flavour Notes: With flavours of sweet pine and a light finish, Lapsang Souchong is created when prepared tea leaves are dried again over a smoking pine fire. This bonfire experience in a cup is truly unique and a favourite blend for any tea connoisseur.

Origin: Fujian province, China

Supplier: Adagio Teas

Blue Lady

Blue Lady Tea is a black tea blended with petals of mallow and marigold flowers and flavoured with grapefruit.

Flavour Notes: This tea has a refreshing citrus flavour.

Origin: Blended in Edinburgh

Supplier: Pekoe Tea

Green Teas

G & Tea

A blend of green tea, herbs and botanicals.

Flavour Notes: Combined to give you all the flavour of a gin & tonic without the headache.

Origin: Thailand, China, India, France

Supplier: Freebird Artisan Souls

Genmai Cha

Genmai Cha is a classic Japanese green tea, blended with toasted, popped rice and is a great solution for those seeking a substantial, but less astringent, flavour from their cup.

Flavour Notes: Originally created to stretch short supplies of tea, now enjoyed by tea lovers here and abroad. Warm and nutty taste, with a lovely savoury quality.

Origin: Japan

Supplier: Adagio Teas

Peach Sencha

Peach Sencha is the perfect tea to sit down and unwind with.

Flavour Notes: Hand blended sencha green tea with sweet and aromatic peach flavouring, decorated with sunflower petals.

Origin:Blended in Edinburgh

Supplier: Pekoe Tea

Connoisseur Teas

Turkish Delight

This tea will deliver a brew full of eastern promise.

Flavour Notes: This delicious blend combines the delicate flavour of rose with the depths of rich chocolate

Origin: China, Cederberg, South Africa

Supplier: Freebird Artisan Souls

Pu-erh Hazelberry

Sweet Pu Erh tea with strawberry and hazelnut. This blend combines fruit and nut with an earthy smoothness of rich Puer tea.

Flavour Notes: A hint of cream adds a soft, dreamy note to the sweet tea and smoothens out the earthiness. This is a sweeter Pu’er which is perfect for those new to this style of tea.

Origin: Blended in London

Supplier: Adagio Teas

Orange Blossom Oolong

This is an excellent beverage with morning toast and marmalade. The aroma will leave others wondering what’s in your cup, so make enough to share.

Flavour Notes: Rich with citrus fruit and caramel flavours, this oolong produces a dark orange liquor and is perfect for warming up in cold weather.

Origin: Taiwan

Supplier: Pekoe Tea

Fruit Teas


Serve as a cold brew with soda water over ice, add mint leaves and lime for the perfect combo

Flavour Notes: The simple perfection of spearmint and lime blend together to make a guilt free mojito.

Origin: Thailand, Japan

Supplier: Freebird Artisan Souls

Tumeric Bliss

The fruitiness balances the earthiness of the turmeric, widely popular for its health benefits, while ginger and peppercorn enliven your senses.

Flavour Notes: Bright and sunny, our turmeric tea has the fruity, sweet taste of juicy mangos and the zest of aromatic oranges.

Origin: Blended in London

Supplier: Adagio Teas

Mango Sunrise

A perfect tea to enjoy with the sunrise or the sunset!

Flavour Notes: This herbal fruit infusion tastes of mango and apple with a lovely hint of raspberry too.

Origin: Blended in Edinburgh

Supplier: Pekoe Tea

Healthy and Herbal Teas


Zen in a Mug!

Flavour Notes: This beauty combines the relaxation properties of Camomile & Peppermint with some Lemon Verbena & Linden Flowers

Origin: Nile River Delta Egypt, USA, Germany

Supplier: Freebird Artisan Souls

40 Winks

Using a blend of herbs known to promote healthy sleep, our bedtime tea 40 Winks will round out your day and carry you into the sweetest of dreams.

Flavour Notes: We’ve combined valerian root, which is commonly used as a sleep aid, with the familiar flavours of soothing chamomile, spearmint and lavender.

Origin: Blended in London

Supplier: Adagio Teas

Cloud Catcher

Cloud Catcher is a colourful fruit infusion designed to brighten up those grey days.

Flavour Notes: Pieces of cherry, cranberry and kiwi combined with coconut flakes invoke the feeling of a tropical island.

Origin: Blended in Edinburgh

Supplier: Pekoe Tea

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