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eteaket is on a mission to connect people and create moments through the joy of whole leaf tea.

In 2008, Erica Moore, had a moment of clarity and realised she wanted to do something more fulfilling with her life instead of being a lawyer.

She loved tea and wanted to build a company that was founded on the belief that we were all born to chase our dreams and find our passion.

Erica had a passion to chase her dream of creating a proper leaf tea to make every day better by allowing people to connect and create moments.

That’s what eteaket is all about — recognising and appreciating those brief moments of joy and happiness. Delicious tea does that — it brings people together and inspires them to live their best life seeking health and happiness.

eteaket also now has an online speciality tea store with a Concept Store, Tea Room, and a thriving Wholesale Service.

Interview with eteaket

We recently got the chance to sit down with eteaket and chat with them about their speciality teas and their booming business.

This is always a fun way to get to know our tea suppliers! We hope you learn something new about them as well.

How did you get started in the tea business?

eteaket was founded in 2008 by ex-lawyer Erica Moore. After “a life is too short” moment, Erica took control and decided that good quality loose leaf tea was the key to her happiness.

Almost 11 years later, she has not looked back. Now with a Tea Room in Central Edinburgh, a tea store and a thriving wholesale business, eteaket continues to grow.

The core values will always remain, spreading the joy and connecting through loose leaf tea. 

What sparked your interest in selling speciality teas?

I was sick of drinking rubbish tea that you find in your average tea bag. The tea industry is huge and with so many tea masters putting so much into the specialty tea they produce, why would you sell something less superior?

Everyone deserves to enjoy a lovely cup of tea. I wanted to show people that tea is more than just a tea bag. 

What is the very first cup of tea you ever remember drinking?

Well, that is a hard one! I am sure my first ever cup was a classic cup of Breakfast Blend. I have always used tea to help me hit pause and have always enjoyed drinking it.

What is your favourite steeping method and do you drink a lot of tea at home?

My steeping method depends on the type of tea I drink. If it is a black, white, green or oolong normally for about 3 minutes in a teapot that has an infuser.

My fruit and herbal teas I would brew for a longer 5-7 and maybe for those, I might use one of our Magic Tea Presses. I also cold brew a lot of my teas so for those I use our cold brew bottles. 

Which tea flavour is your favourite and why?

It changes with the seasons but I can never go past a cup of Silver Needle. Silver Needle is a delicate white tea. I like to brew it gently at 80 degrees for 3 minutes and I put the leaves aside to re-infuse a few more times.

From a really good Silver Needle, you get a hint of citrus and a smooth finish. It is refreshing and is a timeless classic in the tea world. 

What distinguishes your teas apart from other speciality teas out there?

At eteaket we do not necessarily want to set our teas apart from other specialty teas, we want to make the whole tea experience different. We are a very young, innovative tea company.

We are constantly coming up with new tea creations. We take traditional teas and use them in 21st-century drinks (think a Royal Earl Grey espresso martini). We come up with new and exciting blends.

Like our Tomatin Barrel Aged Whisky Tea which is the first of its kind in Europe or our Isle of Harris Gin Tea which is made from botanicals which are used in the Isle of Harris Gin. We like to think outside of the box and come up with tea blends we think our customers would love. 

We are also focused on the foodservice industry. We understand what it is like to run a busy cafe but still believe it is possible and necessary to offer a great quality tea beside your coffee. 

What gear or gadget is at the top of your tea wish list?

I love our Tea Syphon. Often used to coffee but rarely used for tea! Our Syphon is a wonderful way to make tea, quickly. I also love the science aspect.

We have one in our Tea Store and it always makes people stop and look! I would love one to use at home. 

Do you have a favourite teacup? If so, tell us about it. 

I do! One of my lovely friends makes pottery. Her business is called Spiral Tide and each cup is handmade.

I live next to the beach and it is my happy place. This cup has shells incorporated into it. It has a wave-type pattern and every time I look at it, Instantly feel relaxed. What more could you want from a teacup! 

Do you have a cafe? 

We sure do! Our Tea Room is located on 41 Frederick Street in Central Edinburgh. We have all our teas available on sip on plus tea lattes, cold brews, tea cocktails, hot chocolates, and coffee.

We have a full lunch menu plus cakes and scones. Our Afternoon Tea is always a welcome treat. 

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not working with your special origin teas?

Spending time with my family. I have two young girls. They are always going and rarely sitting still! My eldest has started to develop a passion for tea.

They love our cold brew Cranberry and Apple and are always drinking it from the fridge. We all love being outdoors, watching them do their sports or run around on the beach (with a warm cup of tea in hand) is my favourite thing to do. 


To learn more about eteaket teas, be sure and visit their website. You can also follow along with them on Facebook to keep up with all the new blends they will be creating over the year.

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