Author: Carolynn Binnie

What is Russian Caravan Tea?

Russian Caravan Tea is said to have originated along the trading route from China to Russia in the 1700s. We are featuring Moscow Camel No.14 in our April 2022 tea box and we wanted to share some of the reasons for it’s name.  Russian Caravan tea is a blend of two different black teas: usually … Continue reading “What is Russian Caravan Tea?”

Best Healthy Tea for Winter

With winter just around the corner, there’s nothing better to replenish the body and soul like a good cup of tea. As the weather gets colder and the countdown to Christmas begins, the need to take care of ourselves becomes even more important. Tea is here to save the day Being outside in cold weather, … Continue reading “Best Healthy Tea for Winter”

What is Tea Cupping?

Tea cupping is a way of evaluating the different flavours, aromas, and visual characteristics of a particular tea – and it is a real adventure. When you truly pay attention to the profiles of each brew, you will be amazed by how much you’ll be able to detect. Art and Science Tea cupping can be … Continue reading “What is Tea Cupping?”

What is Icewine Tea?

Sure, you’ve tried iced tea. But have you ever experienced icewine tea?   What is Icewine? Icewine is a type of dessert wine that has been made from frozen grapes. When tea is added to the mix, it creates a refreshingly cool and crisp beverage that feels a little like drinking berries and caramel from … Continue reading “What is Icewine Tea?”

Tea Ceremony Across the World

Tea ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, with monks, royals, warlords, and commoners all sharing the same love for tea. Over the years, it has become less of a status symbol and more of a means to gain inner peace and create bonds between the host and drinker. Whilst tea ceremonies are not … Continue reading “Tea Ceremony Across the World”

Cold Tea Cake Recipe

Everyone has their own sweet memories of cold tea cake. For me, I remember long December nights where my whole family would gather in our house to shelter from the winter cold. My grandmother would bring the Welsh tea cake, bara brith, my aunt would bring another Welsh cake similar to scones, cage bach, and … Continue reading “Cold Tea Cake Recipe”

2021 Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

Do you have a tea lover in your life, that deserves to be spoilt? Or are you that tea lover? If you are looking for a little tea related treat, we’ve tracked down the perfect gifts for every tea lover.

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