10 Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is one of the best drinks in the world – and also full of health benefits!

Widely known black teas are Assam, Darjeeling, and Ceylon, which are all named after the areas of India and Sri Lanka where they were grown.

Black tea is the most common type of tea consumed in the UK – you’ll find it everywhere in the form of English breakfast and Earl Grey.

Black tea is best known for its deep, rich, and malty flavours. Created by controlled exposure of the tea leaves to air during the processing stage, causing them to oxidize and turn black.  Tastes can vary dramatically however, black tea is made from the very same tea tree that produces white, green, yellow, and pu’erh teas. All black tea is heavily influenced by the location it is grown at, the altitude, and the harvesting and processing methods.

Full of nutrients

High quality loose leaf black tea is jam-packed with nutrients:-

  • potassium
  • amino acids
  • polyphenols
  • manganese

Along with powerful antioxidants. These all come together to create a tasty, healthy brew that helps you feel renewed.

Mental Benefits of Tea

One of the biggest health benefits of black tea comes from its natural stimulants: caffeine and guanine.

The caffeine in black tea promotes blood flow to the brain, resulting in

  • improved mental focus
  • memory function
  • improved reaction time
  • happier mood

Brain function is improved due to the combining of the animo acid called L-theanine and caffeine, they increase the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which slows down the brain when it’s firing too fast. Resulting in the calming and anti-anxiety effects (and is even utilised in anti-anxiety medication), along with increasing dopamine.

Black Tea Improves the Immune System

Black tea is full of tannins – a chemical compound that produces the colour and bold flavour found in beverages like tea and red wine. These tannins can help to fight viruses.  Also black tea also contains alkylamine antigens that help to boost the immune response.

Oral Health

According to the Tea Trade Health Research Association, black tea can also aid in oral health. The polyphenols and tannins in black tea kill the bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay, along with hindering the growth of the enzymes that produce plaque. This also helps with reducing the oral bacteria that causes bad breath.

Encourages a Healthy Digestive Tract

The tannins also aid in digestion, soothe gastric and intestinal illnesses, and decrease intestinal activity. Caffeine stimulates the metabolism, and is perfect after a big meal.

Black tea also helps to soothe an upset stomach. In one study, 120 children taking black tea tablets showed that the tannins helped to improve the volume, frequency, and consistency of bowel movements.

Tea Improves Heart Health

The flavonoids present in black tea have been demonstrated to lower the risk of heart disease, stopping the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and preventing damage in both the artery walls and the bloodstream. This also results in improving coronary vasodilation and reducing blood clots.

The manganese present in black tea may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by improving the function of the cardiac muscle. Research has shown that those who drink three or more cups of tea per day have a 21% lower risk of stroke than those who consume less than one cup of tea a day.

Lowered cancer risk

Oxidative damage can lead to chronic inflammation, which can cause chronic diseases such as cancers. Due to this, the anti-oxidants in black tea can help to protect against this initial oxidative damage.  Studies have shown that black tea may help prevent stomach cancer, breast cancer, and oral cancers (especially for those using tobacco products).

Research conducted by the National Cancer Institute found that the polyphenols in black tea may decrease the risk of tumour growth – especially in the case of skin, lung, and prostate cancers.

Along with this, black tea contains a compound called TF-2, which causes programmed death of cancer cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells. This helps to stop cancer growth before it even becomes noticeable, and may also help in cases where cancer has already been diagnosed.

Lower Risk of Diabetes

Research has shown that those who regularly consume black tea have a lower risk of diabetes. One research study conducted on a group of elderly people living in the Mediterranean islands showed that those who had been consuming black tea on a long-term basis on a moderate level had a 70% lower chance of having or developing type 2 diabetes.

Along with that, regular consumption of black tea may help those who already have type 2 diabetes, due to its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects.

Tea as a Stress Buster

We all are well aware of the wonderful calming and relaxing benefits of black tea. Not only does it help slow you down after a long day, but studies also show that the amino acid L-theanine found in black tea can help you relax and concentrate better. Black tea has also been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol when consumed in moderate amounts on a regular basis.

Increased Energy

The caffeine in black tea can help enhance blood flow to the brain without over-stimulating the heart, resulting in the perfect balance to safely increase energy levels.

Tea is also full of the natural chemical called L-theophylline, which blends with the caffeine to result in smooth and continuous increases in energy. It stimulates the heart, kidneys, and respiratory system, evenly distributing throughout the body and resulting in a more even energy boost.

Tea Increases Happiness

And finally, perhaps the most obvious benefit of tea – it makes you happy. Taking time out to relax over a cup of tea with loved ones, sharing a tea ceremony with strangers, or indulging in a personal tea session can really improve your mood.

Along with these health benefits of black tea, the beverage also happens to be absolutely delicious and a thoroughly great way to treat yourself.

There’s nothing better than tasty, high-quality black tea that leaves you feeling renewed and balanced.



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